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Protest Songs 1955-2005

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Protest music 1975-1980: A new sound


The late 1970s saw the entrance of a new sound in protest music: punk.

The Clash was one of the first sociopolitical punk bands, protesting from the first album. Remote Control, the second track on the UK version of their debut album, had lyrics like:

Their bank accounts
That's all that matters
And you don't count

Can't make no progress
Can't get ahead
Can't stop the regress

The 1970s also saw the Sex Pistols, but their aim was more to offend than to educate or protest. However, the first album of the Dead Kennedys came out in 1979. They would be one of the bands that influenced the hardcore scene of the 1980s and 1990s in uncountable ways.



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9 Mar. 2005